Jeffrey J. Schmitt (Smitty)

Instructor:  Paperweights & Glass Blowing


Smitty is a third generation artist and has been involved in the

glass arts since 1979.  He is self-taught, does commissioned

pieces and displays work in galleries and shows throughout the Southwest.  Smitty has taught hundreds of students over the years.  His passion is glass.  He also works in the areas of glass fusing, slumping and casting.




Jonathan Casto (Pants)

Instructor:  Paperweights & Glass Blowing

Pants has studied glass blowing at Pennland in North Carolina and in Murano, Italy.  Besides blowing glass, he is a very accomplished lamp-worker (torch work).  His work is purchased by wholesalers throughout the Southwest and along the West Coast.  Pants' love of glass work is contagious!




Kerri Greene

Instructor:  Glass Flower Pulling


Kerri is an accomplished graphic designer.  She has studied at Aurora  for 3 years.  Kerri has mastered glass flower pulling and is now the instructor.  Her flowers have won many awards and are popular with galleries.  Kerri also works in the areas of glass fusing, slumping, and casting.  Her favorite words are, "Hey, what if we . . ."







Edy Lewis

Instructor:  Glass Fusing & Slumping


Originally from NYC, Edythe has a BA in art and has won awards in design, sculpture, and jewelry.  She has been working with fused glass for the past 16 years and gives classes in fused glass, dichroic glass, jewelry and Precious Metal Clay (PMC).  Her work is currently in galleries throughout the country, and in the gift shops of the NM Museum of Art and in the Jewish Heritage Museum in NYC.







Lisa Majkowski

Instructor:  Glass Beads

My inteterest in glasswork stems from both science and art. the physical properties of glass are fascinating and allow for a wide range of artistic expression.  For my projects, whether it's blown glass, paperweights, or beads, I seek inspiration from organic origins -- nature, geology, microbiology and astronomy.  I love to teach students that glasswork allows for inspiration in design and ingenuity in craftsmanship.







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