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Friday through Monday

Summer Start Time:  9:00AM

Winter Start Time:  10:00AM

Requested Start Times Available.

Call For Reserving a Date:  505.256.1675


Glass Paperweight Making 101 - Hot Shop

If you ever wanted to experience glass blowing, this is the place to start. This is a 4 -5 hour class. One student, one instructor. Typically, the student makes 4 - 6 pieces, which they will keep. The following day they will do cold work (grinding) if needed. All materials provided. $250

Glass Blowing 202 - Hot Shop

Same as above, except the pieces will be hollow. Blowing glass is harder than making paperweights and it is recommended you take the paperweight class first. All materials provided. $250

Pulling Glass Flowers - Hot Shop

Let your creativity bloom. This is a 3 hour class that can accommodate 1 -3 students. Technically, this is the easiest of the hot shop classes and can be a good first step toward playing with hot glass. Get 2 friends together and split the cost.

1 - 3 Students: $240 total

Hot Shop for Fusers   

The new "Hot Shop for Fusers" class is here.  You will not learn how to blow glass.  That is a different set of classes and a different direction in glass art work.  You will learn hot shop tools and techniques required for you to make unique sub-assemblies to incorporate into your fused and slumped art.  Together, we will make Kane,  Kane wrap arounds, Millefiori, Bobbles, Wing Dings, and anything else creative minds can come up with.  Great fun and you keep what you make.  Students are then eligible to rent hot shop time and make more and more goodies.  Glass used is all COE 90.

1 - 3 Students: $240 total


Flame On!

Bead Making 101:  Beads for Beginners

Learn the art of making beads in the 3.5-hour introductory glass course.  Students will create round and cylindrical be3ads while learning the basics of using a hot head torch to melt colored glass rod to form a bead.  Students will also learn how to apply extra color and dots using frit and stringers.  Class starts at 9:30 AM, with a one-hour lunch break from 12:30  PM to 1:30 PM while the beads cool.  Return for the last half hour to clean your beads and string them into a necklace that you take home at the end of the class.  Class size is four students and the cost is $80.00 per student.









Bead Making 202:  Shapes, Designs, and Textures

Take your bead-making skills to the next level.  Learn how to make a variety of different shapes including cubes, prisms, and discs.  Create designs by combining opaque and transparent colors as well as by dragging, raking, feathering, or swirling, and introduce textures such as grooves and bubbles.  Students will have ample time to develop their own bead creations.  Class starts at 9:30 AM, with a one hour lunch break from 12:30 PM to 1:30 PM while the beads cool.  Return for the last half hour to clean your beads.  Class size if four students and the cost is $80.00 per student.

We will cover

  • Tools, materials, safety

  • Pulling stringers

  • Basic bead shapes

  • Application of dots

  • Layered dots (warring states techniques)

  • Flowers


Call For Reserving a Date:  505.256.1675


Glass Fusing - Studio                 

This selection of five glass

fusing classes covers beginning fusing, jewelry, plates, and slumping. 



For class descriptions click here.


Hot Shop Rental

After completion of a hot shop class, hot shop rental is available. We will pair you with another student. You will take turns assisting each other and split the rental cost of $50 per hour.

You also may rent all the shop time and we will arrange an assistant for you.


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